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Need to make a change to your account?

The forms required to make the most frequently requested changes/additions to brokerage accounts can be found below.

Simply find the change you would like to make to your account on the left side of the table and then look into the right column to find links to the forms you will need to make the change in your account.
For your protection, most changes will require that you submit signed, hard-copy paperwork to us.

Change Account Information

Change Account Holder Name
Change Account Holder Address

Change Account Preferences

NYSE Professional Subscriber Agreement
OPRA Professional Subscriber Agreement
Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power
IRA Beneficiary Change
Transfer on Death Form
Third Party Trading Authorization
Clone Letter

Options Trading Forms

TS Equity Options

Funding and Deposits

DTC Deposit Request
DRS Deposit Request
Transfer Between Accounts
Funding Instructions
Online Transfer Auth/ACH Form
Outgoing Wire Transfer Form
IRA Rollover Certification
Equities IRA Distribution
Customer Account Transfer Form [ACAT]

U.S. Tax Forms

W-8 Form
W-8 Entity Form
W-9 Form